What are your Easter plans?

The Easter long weekend is upon us, providing time to spend with family and friends, or time to declutter your home. 

In our case, we’re choosing both. Read on to find a list of spaces that you can declutter this Easter. 

1. Kitchen pots and pans

Pots and pans should be stored near the stove. Aim for a complete cupboard, drawer or hanging area to keep these sorted. Stack the largest items at the bottom and work your way up by size. 

2. Kitchen pantry 

Who’s neglected their pantry since summer? Give yours a deep dive and remove any food that is past it’s best before date, move perishable items into airtight containers, and create a list of any non-perishable items that need to be stocked up on. 

3. Bathroom medicine cabinet

If your bathroom is a mess, chances are your medicine cabinet is too! Ensure emergency supplies are stocked and that items are stored in their correct place. Remove products you and your family no longer use and consider decanting soaps and hand lotions into decorative pump bottles to make your bathroom sink more appealing. 

4. Linen cupboard

Easter is the perfect time to take stock of your linen cupboard. Ensure that one type of linen is stored on each shelf and that old/damaged/no longer required items are removed. You can make rags for cleaning from old sheets or donate them to the man of the house for his tool shed. 

5. Bookshelves – particularly those in your family room

Got a bookshelf that could use some TLC? Now is your chance to rearrange and create a sorted system that is both organised and beautiful. 

6. Bedroom drawers and wardrobe

One of the larger tasks on this list is sorting your bedroom drawers and wardrobe. But it’s also one of the most rewarding. At a minimum aim to remove clothes that no longer fit or that you no longer wear. Store seasonal clothes elsewhere and ensure all drawers and doors can close. 

7. Kid’s toys or playroom

Too many toys creating chaos. Consider creating a toy library where your kids get to choose three or four toys each week to play with. You’ll generally notice that old toys are suddenly favourites again – a great way to breathe new life into forgotten treasures. 

8. Tools and gardening equipment

Our top tip for tools and gardening equipment is to look towards vertical storage. What can be stored on walls to free up valuable ‘floor’ space? 

9. Paperwork

We’ve all got piles of it – so why not use an afternoon this Easter to get on top of yours? Treat yourself to some chocolate as you work your way through documents to make the process that little bit more enjoyable. 

10. Your handbag AND your kid’s school bags 

When was the last time you removed the accumulated junk from either of these? We’re banking on it being too long ago! 

Are you still looking for more tips this Easter? Our blog is filled with home sorting advice designed to help you sort your home – give it a read and watch your inspiration grow! 

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