kids' wardrobes

Kids’ wardrobes are a nightmare. Actually, erase that, all wardrobes are a nightmare.

We often set about keeping our wardrobes clean and organised only to find ourselves surrounded by the same chaos a few months later.

That’s where Home Sorted can help. We’ve brainstormed our top 4 tips for keeping kids’ wardrobes organised below.

1. If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it

Children grow quickly – that’s a fact! They also grow out of clothes at a crazy speed. Stay on top of your kids’ wardrobes by removing clothes that no longer fit your children as SOON as they grow out of them.

There is no point keeping that raincoat or pair of boots in the back of their wardrobe if they’re too small. Hand clothes down to younger family members, store in vacuum seal bags for future children, or donate to charity.

2. Keep uniforms together

Avoid the dreaded ‘where’s my football jumper’ panic by creating a section within your kids’ wardrobes for uniforms. This applies to school uniforms, sporting uniforms, and any other activity that requires a particular item of clothing.

Keeping these items in the one place ensures you and your children always know where to look.

3. Store toys elsewhere

It’s always tempting to stash items within the wardrobe and shut the doors – out of sight, out of mind – but this is a short term solution for a long term problem.

Store toys and other items elsewhere! The wardrobe should be dedicated to clothing, footwear and accessories.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large wardrobe with shelves begging to be filled, you can reconsider this point as long as you store them in a neat and organised fashion. Think storage containers, archive boxes, and baskets. A large wardrobe is not an excuse to shove anything and everything behind closed doors.

4. Ensure all items are on show within kids’ wardrobes

The key to well organised kids’ wardrobes is keeping all items on show. When you open the wardrobe doors you should be able to see every item within the wardrobe. If you have items nestled up back, or hidden beneath boxes you’re very unlikely to use them. So go on, put your clothing and footwear on display.

Kids’ wardrobes don’t need to be a struggle!

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