organise kids toys

Do you have kids? Are their toys overtaking every single room of your home? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’re not alone!

Kids toys can cause havoc on the most organised of homes. But they don’t have to.

We’ve put together 4 ways to organise kids toys – read on and get sorting!

1. Ensure every toy has a home

The first step must always be ensuring that every toy has a home.

This may mean purchasing one big toy boy for your kids’ bedroom or designating individual homes for each toy. It doesn’t matter which technique you choose to use, just pick one and roll with it.

2. Use lower shelves for kids’ toys

Does your family room have a book shelf? Consider keeping frequently used toys on the lower shelves of the book shelf.

This allows your kids to get the toys they want without having to ask an adult. They can also reach high enough to put them away when they’re done. What’s better than that?

3. Separate inside and outside toys

When creating storage for toys, ensure you take into account if the toys are inside or outside toys.

We recommend using a large plastic tub to store outside toys together. This helps in wet weather if you need to quickly move a number of toys or if they need to be hosed down clean.

It also provides your kids with clear boundaries as to what toys are allowed inside and not.

4. Create a toy library

A fantastic way of organise kids’ toys is to reduce the level of clutter that you let build up in the first place. Do this by creating a toy library for your kids.

At the start of each day allow your kids to select two or three toys for the day. They will be allowed to play with these toys for the entire day and can then exchange them for different toys at the start of the following day.

This system will take some time for kids to get used to. But it can be wonderful in teaching them lessons of patience and decision making while keeping your home free of clutter!

It sure sounds wonderful to us!

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