kid's bedroom

Finishing touches can change the whole dynamic of your kid’s bedroom. Read on, for our favourites.

1. Create an area to display artwork

Kids create a large amount of artwork at school and chances are, your refrigerator is covered in their masterpieces. Allow them to display more work they are proud of by creating an artwork display area in their bedroom. This can be as simple as a pin board, or a piece of string across a wall that allows them to peg their masterpieces to hang. Perfect for the budding Picasso.

2. Show their personality and passions

Is your child obsessed in reading? Do they love sports? Are they a film fanatic? A beautiful way to include finishing touches to the bedroom can be showcasing what they love. For a book obsessed child, include stacks of favourite books. Other easy options include posters of sport teams and films etc. It doesn’t matter what your child is passionate about. Simply let it shine through to give their room a touch of personality.

3. Use bedlinen to devise a colour scheme

Bedlinen can be overlooked in kids’ bedrooms. But it shouldn’t be. A great set of bed linen can be used to create a colour scheme (or add a bust of colour) for the whole room. You can also use bed linen to mix up colours and patterns. You don’t need to purchase a complete matching set. Some of the best, most creative bedrooms are lively from mismatched items.

Alternatively, you can use cushions to create a homely lived-in feel to the bedroom.

4. Add a wall mural for interest

Wall mural stickers and adhesives are widely available and can make wonderful finishing touches for any bedroom. They’re also fantastic as they can be easily removed or altered as your child grows and their interests change.

Consider crafting a feature wall, or section.

5. Use labels as finishing touches for organisation

We’re going to assume you’ve organised your kid’s bedroom to perfection! Well done! Now it’s time to maintain this level of organisation. Make it easy for your children by incorporating labels into the finishing touches.

You can use a label maker, or even allow your children to decorate the labels before fixing them to items, baskets, drawers etc. We recommend bright colours to keep them eye catching and not-easily-ignored.

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