When it comes to home organisation, there is no short supply of ideas to try. Here, we share five of our favourites that will help simplify your life. 

Read on to be inspired. 

  1. Schedule time to organise 

While this may not seem like an organisation idea to everyone – not scheduling time to organise and sort your home is the first mistake people make. When you only rely on motivation or the time feeling right, you’re leaving yourself open to excuses. 

That’s why we recommend scheduling time to organise. This can be as simple as setting aside one evening each week, one afternoon each weekend, or dedicating an entire weekend to a particular project. The choice is yours – but make it official by blocking out the time in your diary today. 

  1. Create an everyday drawer

Instead of allowing yourself to have a junk drawer, create what can be called an everyday drawer. This is where you can place items that you use frequently, but that generally don’t have another area in your home to live. Some suggestions can include scissors, pens, takeaway menus, hand sanitiser, etc. The idea is that instead of tossing all these miscellaneous items around your house or into a messy drawer, you use drawer dividers and a system to make it functional and sorted for your lifestyle. 

  1. Create a grab and go cleaning caddy

We love a good grab and go cleaning caddy – and want you to experience the ease of one too! Start with a shower caddy, small bucket, or special laundry product caddy and simply fill with cleaning products that you use frequently. This may include multi-purpose cleaner, spray and wipe, glass cleaner, cleaning cloths and perhaps paper towel. The idea is that instead of lugging numerous products around your home – you simply grab the caddy and get to work. 

  1. Create two filing systems – one paper, one electronic

How many times have you told yourself that you’d sort your paperwork and never follow through? Too many is our guess! Use this as a reminder to create two filing systems. The first should be for paper documents and can be housed in a small filing cabinet or four ring binder system. This is where you will store hard copies of important documents so they can be accessed easily. 

The second is for your electronic files and is best created on your main desktop or laptop and then backed up onto an external hard drive or cloud storage system. Simply create folders on your desktop for each type of file – and sort your electronic papers accordingly. You may also choose to do this by family member or document type. No matter the system you chose, get into the habit of backing them up monthly to save yourself any worry. 

  1. Sort clothing seasonally 

Finally, one of the easiest ways to simplify your life is by sorting your clothing seasonally. This means removing winter clothes from your wardrobe during the summer months and vice versa. You’ll find that you have extra space within your wardrobe – and get more wear out of items as you no longer must go digging to find what you need. 

Store seasonal clothes in vacuum seal bags to save maximum space within your home. 

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