Achieve this and more!

Do you need help sorting your home? 

You may be someone who loves the idea of a well organised space but simply doesn’t know where to start. 

Or perhaps you’re having trouble closing cupboard doors and need a helping hand getting your clutter under control. 

No matter your situation, our one-hour consultation is designed to help start and achieve your sorting journey as the points highlight below. 

1. You can discover your goals

We know that you’re interested in sorting your home – you wouldn’t be here otherwise – but maybe you’re unsure what this looks like for your home. 

All Home Sorted! consultations are conducted by experienced team members who will take you through an A – Z Home Review designed to discover what is working within your home, what’s not working and what is important to you. You’ll have goals popping into your mind without even realising it. 

2. You can discuss your lifestyle and sorting habits

Once you have discovered your goals, we will assist you in figuring out your current lifestyle and sorting habits. You may not think you have any ‘habits’ but trust us… you do!

Your habits may not align with your newfound goals. But once again, our experienced team will help you see how your habits can be adjusted to your goals – helping you every step of the way! 

3. You can gain confidence 

For many people, clutter starts small and continues to grow. You may feel out of control and blame yourself for letting your home get this way.

These thoughts can also make you think it’s impossible to change. But this is wrong.  

Our consultation will help you gain confidence by showing you that there are ways to take control of your space. You can create a home life you enjoy and are truly proud of. We’re even keen to share tips to get you started on your journey right away!  

4. You can decide where to start

That’s right, our passionate team is here to help you decide where to start and how you can create an ideal layout within your home. 

No longer do you need to worry about whether you should begin decluttering the master bedroom or guest bedroom first. Simply delegate the task to us and our team will come up with a tailored package perfect for your needs – doesn’t that sound wonderful? 

5. You can learn more about us and our approach 

Once we have assessed your space and gained an understanding of your goals, we will offer you the chance to learn more about us, our people centred approach and how our tailored packages can assist you best. 

Whether you choose to take a DIY approach or receive hands on help from the wider Home Sorted! team you will leave your consultation with peace of mind knowing that you have made the right decision for you. 

What’s next? 

If we’ve shared enough information and you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate!

Simply book a one-hour consultation to understand how we can help you today: homesorted.com.au/book-a-consultation/

As we say, Home Sorted! = Life Sorted! 

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