homework zone

With school heading back for 2018, it’s time to get ready for homework and extra study by creating a homework zone for your kids.

1. Create a quite study area

It’s important to get your kids input when creating a homework zone, as they’re the one who will be using the area. We recommend selecting a quiet and peaceful space away from noisy areas of the home. It’s also a good idea to allocate separate study areas for each of your kids to minimise distractions.

Placing a desk in their bedroom is often a great choice as it allows your kids to personalise the space.

2. Get basic tools and supplies ready

Now that you’ve decided on a quiet study area, it’s time to get the basic tools and supplies ready.

At a bare minimum, you should ensure that your kids have a supply of pens, pencils, paper and notepads, along with a glue stick, sharpener, eraser and ruler.

Many school also place a strong focus on ICT learning, so providing your kids with a computer or tablet may assist their study further. We understand that internet access and social media can be a large distraction for your kids, which is where the next point comes into play.

3. Encourage good time management

Completing homework is a great way for your kids to learn time management skills. One way of encouraging good time management is by providing them with an allocated time to complete their study within. This will hopefully ensure that they stay on task and avoid distractions.

It may take time for your kids to develop a knack of managing their time. Other methods of time management include homework charts that allow our kids to visually plan their afternoon.

4. Offer praise, support and guidance

It can be difficult for your kids to settle into a good homework routine after a long day at school. It’s important to offer praise, support and guidance when necessary to ensure your kids feel supported in their learning. Just remember not to complete their homework for them – you should only by guiding them towards the right answer or correct resources.

5. Ensure the homework zone is comfortable

Finally, no homework zone is complete without a comfortable chair. Encourage your kids to sit upright to avoid hurting their backs by placing a small pillow or cushion at the base of their spine.

With these tips in place your kids should be ready to tackle any and all homework thrown their way!

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