toy library

Do you find your home scattered with toys constantly? Maybe you’re forever cleaning up after your children as they move from one toy to the next? Or perhaps, you just think your kids have too many toys.

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above – let us introduce you to the idea of a toy library.

A toy library is just like a book library, in that it’s an excellent way to rotate toys and keep your home organised. Here, we share our top five tips for creating a toy library you know is going to work!

1. Create a system or area for your library

The first step is choosing where you will set up your toy library. This can be done in large plastic containers, on a bookshelf, or even in archive boxes out of sight. The system you choose is entirely up to you and your home’s needs.

You simply need to ensure you have enough space to ‘house’ all of the toys that are currently not in use.

2. Teach the rules

Once you’ve designated a system or area for your toy library you need to teach the rules. We recommend rotating toys on a daily basis for young children and weekly for those who are slightly older.

What this means is that they are able to select new toys (pick a maximum number – we like three or four) at the start of each day (or week) to play with. Once they have made their selection the rest of their toys get put away until it’s time to make a new selection.

3. Be firm

It will take time for your kids to adapt to a toy library – especially if they currently have a lot of toys! During this teething phase you need to remain firm and keep the rules in place. As each day goes on, they will learn to make wise selections and embrace that ‘new toy’ feeling.

4. Encourage imaginative play

A huge positive for toy libraries is that they encourage kids to get imaginative with their toys. If they’ve got a whole day to fill, there has to be multiple games to play and adventures to imagine with each! You can assist in this part by encouraging them to find new ways to play with each toy.

5. Appreciate the reduction in clutter

Lastly, once you get through the teething issues, sit back and enjoy the reduction in clutter. We’re certain you’ll thank us for this one.

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