With school heading back across the country in the coming weeks it’s time to get back to school sorted!

1. Don’t leave stationary shopping to the last minute

No parent wants to tackle Kmart or Officeworks for school supplies the day before school starts. Ensure you’re off to a great start for 2018 by organising your kids school supplies well in advance.

While you’re at it, spend an afternoon organising pencil cases and labelling your kids clothing. You won’t regret taking a few hours to get sorted!

2. Stop morning stress by planning ahead

A solid morning routine is worth its weight in gold when it comes to getting the kids up, ready and to school on time. What this looks like will differ depending on your family but we recommend taking steps like packing lunches the night before and ensuring school bags are packed and ready to go near the front door.

The same applies to school uniforms – ensure each item is accounted for before bed.

Small tweaks like this can shave minutes off your morning routine – and it all adds up!

3. Plan your kids school lunches in advance

You’ve probably heard all about the time-saving hack of meal preparation. Take this one step further and plan your kids school lunches in advance.

Get a large sheet of paper and divide into five days. Create a row for each child in your family and then list what lunch will be for each day. You can then utilise this chart when writing your shopping list.

4. Create a project supply box

There is nothing worse than having your kids run out of poster paper or coloured pencils the night before a project is due. Be prepared for the school year by creating a project supply box of spare miscellaneous items. We recommend stocking poster paper, assorted smaller paper squares, markers, glue, and even index cards for older students working on presentations or class talks.

5. Snap out of summer mode with a bed time

If you’re anything like us, going back to school will be tiring for the whole family! Try and snap out of summer mode by implementing a school appropriate bed time in the weeks leading up to school returning. This will help your kids (and your own) bodies adjust to their school day routine ahead of time.

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