organised parent

Having kids can be like joining the circus. You need to be a jack of all trades to stay afloat and can often find yourself overwhelmed by the task.

Stay on top of things by becoming the most organised parent you can be.

Keep a family calendar on the fridge

The easiest way to keep track of your families’ whereabouts and commitments is to keep a large visual calendar on the front of your fridge. As soon commitments are made, write it onto the calendar. You can even colour code by assigning each member of your family a different highlighter.

Learn to delegate

Part of being an organised parent is to take charge and be an organised leader. Delegate tasks within the home to each family member to keep them under control. It can be tempting to take on every chore yourself to ensure they’re done ‘right’, however delegating them out gives your family a sense of responsibility for running the home. This can help build a ‘everyone pitches in’ approach to life.

Organise lunch boxes the night before

Don’t waste precious time of a morning by organising your children’s lunch boxes the night before. Of course, you’ll need to leave perishable items until the next morning, but even placing your children’s lunch boxes across the kitchen bench at night will save you valuable time.

Have back up supplies in your car

Chances are you’ve experienced the dreaded moment when your child dirties their clothes without a change nearby. It’s a fantastic idea to keep a backup supply of everything you may need in your car. This includes, outfit changes, snacks, nappies, bottles of water, and even activity books to keep your kids entertained on long journeys. Place all items in a basket or bag in the boot of your car. You’ll never look back.

Plan meals in advance

Turn every Sunday into your weekly meal planning day. Sit down and construct a weekly menu before heading to the grocery store for supplies. Simplify this process further by rotating meals that your family love through your weekly menus. Your guaranteed happy bellies with this method.

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