Have you asked yourself these questions?

If you’re considering becoming a Home Sorted! Business Consultant, it’s recommended that you ask yourself these six questions. 

You’ll learn if you’re ready for a career change and if you’re the perfect fit for the role. 

1. Am I passionate about home organising? 

As a Home Sorted! Business Consultant you won’t be organising people’s homes, but you will be conducting consultations and offering suggested service package solutions. 

A passion for home organising will be shared with every person you speak to and if you ask us, this passion will help you share the benefits of living within a well sorted home.

2. Do I enjoy sales and networking? 

Sales and networking roles are not for everyone. You will need to be skilled with language and ready to build relationships with your potential clients. 

But it doesn’t stop there. People who thrive in environments where they need to design solutions for problems – hello, messy and stressful homes – do well in this kind of work. So if you find yourself questioning if you could do well in sales and networking, it pays to dig a little deeper… 

3. Do I enjoy helping others? 

As you may have realised, Home Sorted! Business Consultant’s spend their days helping others to live better. In this role you’re provided an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives by offering them a full range of home sorting services. 

If helping others is high on your list of your dream role – then you may indeed be the perfect fit. 

4. Am I self-motivated? 

Are you someone who can easily motivate themselves or do you need a manager or superior assigning you tasks on the daily? If you fall into the first category, we recommend learning more about our Business Consultant offering. 

Self-motivated people are the ideal choice as they take training on board, learn from our business growth strategies, and get to work gaining clients without a nudge from anyone else!

5. Am I ready to drive my own career? 

This leads us to our next point. Home Sorted! Business Consultants are in the driver’s seat of their career. You have full control of where you work, your roster and the hours you choose to commit. You can fit your career around other commitments by working independently or use the opportunity to grow a team. The choice is yours… and we want you to choose what’s best for you. 

6. Do I have the necessary skills? 

You may be wondering if you have the necessary skills for the role. The good news is that many of these skills are transferable and have potentially been developed in prior employment or through life skills. 

If you’ve got the passion, our full training is also likely to fill in any gaps. 

What’s next? 

Becoming a Home Sorted! Business Consultant is not a quick decision. That’s why we’re sharing a wealth of information on our website here. You can also submit your details at the bottom of the webpage to download an information pack. 

What are you waiting for? 

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