How do you sort and store your cleaning supplies? 

You wouldn’t think it’s a topic with much variance, however, there are several optimal ways to keep your cleaning supplies safe and away from prying hands. Read on to find out more. 

Utilise beneath your kitchen sink

Many of us keep a stash of cleaning supplies beneath the kitchen sink. This is great. But are you using the space to your advantage? Some tips include installing a rod to hang spray bottles from and ensuring that clothes and sponges are kept in containers. This will eliminate mess and make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Consider child proofing the cupboard if you have small children in your home. 

Create a cleaning caddy 

If you haven’t used a cleaning caddy – you’re missing out. Simply place frequently used cleaning supplies into a caddy or bucket that you can carry around your home. This allows you to have a grab-and-go cleaning station for when the need strikes. 

Decant products into matching bottles

Is your cleaning cupboard looking a little drab? Or do you mix your own cleaning supplies at home? Either way, you now have a strong case for decanting products into matching bottles. Just don’t forget to label them also. 

Keep essentials in your bathroom for touch-ups 

The bathroom is one area that gets dirty fast! Stay on top of the space by keeping a supply of essentials in your bathroom cabinet. This can be as simple as some multi-purpose spray and a microfibre cloth. This way you can wipe up grimy spills before they are ingrained in your counter or sink. We also recommend encouraging your family to wipe out the sink after each use – but we understand this one may be a hard sell! 

Hang brooms and mops on doors

Are you using vertical storage for your cleaning supplies? You should be! Brooms and mops are perfect candidates to hang from hooks inside doors. You could use the back of your laundry door or cleaning cabinet – depending on the setup of your home and cleaning supplies. 

Store in a clean and dry area 

Finally, be sure to store cleaning supplies in a clean and dry area. They should be stored at eye level or below to prevent accidents and harsh chemicals should be locked inside a cabinet if you have curious little hands within your home. 

You may find the home garage is best suited for these, with less toxic and everyday cleaners kept inside the home. 

Now who’s ready to sort their cleaning supplies? 

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