good habits

There are good habits and there are bad habits. We want to pass the good habits along to our children.

If you start these lessons when your children are young, chances are, they’ll develop good habits for life.

Read on, for our top 7 Good Habits to Teach Children.

1. Make your bed as soon as you get up

It’s super easy to get up and go about the day without considering your bed. We’ve all done this many times before. But think about how nice it feels to climb into a freshly made bed at the end of each day and how your sleep quality improves. This is something to impart onto your children.

2. Breakfast is vital for learning

Always start yours and your children’s day with breakfast. Aim for something healthy that includes protein to keep young stomachs full for longer.

3. Put your clothes on hangers as you take them off 

This is key in keep bedrooms organised and clean. Instil the good habit of putting clothes on hangers as soon as they are removed to prevent piles accumulating across the floor for years to come. 

4. Place all dirty clothes in the washing basket

Similar to number three, reduce clutter and mess in the bedroom by placing all dirty clothes in the washing basket. Model this behaviour for young children to learn. 

5. Take all used dishes to the kitchen

Taking used dishes to the kitchen shouldn’t be a habit that needs to be taught. But in case it is, stress the importance of removing dishes from the bedroom. Discuss the effects that dirty dishes may have on the odour and organisation within the bedroom environment.

6. Homework should always be finished before play 

Get your children into the routine of completing their homework once they’re home from school. This is one of those good habits that when followed, allows your children to have plenty of relaxation and play time after dinner.

If they struggle to follow this, consider creating a homework chart to keep them on track. You can hang this in their bedroom to inform them what homework needs to be completed each day.

7. Remove all rubbish and recycling at the end of each day

Relatively simple, but another important task. Ensure all bins are emptied each night to prevent rubbish and recycling from piling sky high.

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