kids bedroom ideas

The list of kid’s bedroom ideas is endless! There are so many ways to create the perfect sanctuary for your little ones, so much so, we thought we’d share our favourites.

Read on for our top 7 kids bedroom ideas.

1. Experiment with typography

Typography is having quite the revival. How about printing your kids names across their bedroom walls, or affixing wooden alphabet letters? You can even do this on top of shelves, or dressers.

Typography gives a unique personal touch to your kid’s bedroom and is something that can be highly customised to their interests.

2. Paint the walls a soft colour

Soft colours are soothing and make it easy for children to nod off to sleep. Lighter purple or blue can be super versatile in this instance.

3. Make walls fun with chalkboard paint

For the more adventurous of parents, consider painting one wall, or a section of wall in your kid’s bedroom with chalkboard paint. It makes a fantastic creative space for your children. But be warned, you will need to clean up chalkboard dust regularly.

4. Decorate with decals

Wall decals are a beautiful way to decorate. They come in a variety of patterns and sizes, and can be quite the feature item of your kid’s bedroom.

Consider running a theme through the entire bedroom and accessorising the decals with matching bed linen.

5. Include a space to play

When designing your kid’s bedroom don’t forget to include a space to play. Whether they love cars or dolls, they need a space to let their creative minds get to work.

You can use a small mat or rug to signal which area is for play. Also keep storage containers nearby for discarded toys.

 6. Use your kid’s bedroom as a place to inspire and educate

Be sneaky and place a world map as a feature on your kid’s bedroom wall. Not only are they fantastic to look at – and can be artworks in their own right – your kids will have fun finding countries and cities as they learn about them in school.

7. Create an artwork display

Show off your kid’s hard work by creating an artwork display. Connect a piece of wire from one end of the bedroom to the other and hang artworks from the wire. You can use pegs to secure paintings, drawings and other creations.

Remember to rotate their masterpieces as more are created!