kids wardrobes

Kids wardrobes – love them or hate them, they need to be organised!

Declutter frequently

The truth can be harsh – but it’s essential. You will never have a perfectly organised wardrobe for your kids if you don’t declutter frequently. We recommend sorting through your kids wardrobes as they outgrow each clothing size. You can also choose to declutter seasonally, depending on your personal preference.

If you’re planning on having another child in the future, consider investing in some vacuum seal bags to make decluttering a breeze.

Organise by clothing type

Once you’ve decluttered the wardrobe, it’s time to sort and organise. We choose to organise kids wardrobes by clothing type. This makes it simple to put clothes away after they’ve been washed and also streamlines the process of getting ready each morning.

You should apply this tactic to both wardrobe drawers and hanging areas.

Ensure its easy-to-use for your kids

Following on from the point above – it’s important to implement a simple system (organising by clothing type) to ensure its also easy-to-use for your kids.

They should be able to reach / access their everyday items, such as school uniforms and sporting attire with ease.

Use labels

Once you find a system that works for you and your kids, we recommend using labels to ensure everyone remembers what goes where.

You can also consider using picture-based labels for younger children who are not yet able to read.

Only shop when necessary

Children have an uncanny ability to outgrow clothes in a blink and you’ll miss it speed. One minute they’re wearing size four and the next you’re filling their wardrobes with size six items. For this reason, we recommend only shopping when necessary.

Not only does this help the environment and produce less waste, but it allows you to stay in control of their wardrobe organisation. The more items you purchase the more you have to sort!

Store seasonal items

If you’re short on wardrobe space, consider using vacuum seal bags to store seasonal items such as coats and beach wear. This will free up wardrobe space and allow you to stay on top of clutter.

Donate unused items

Finally, if you find yourself with a pile of unused items, donate these to charity or pass along to friends or family. It can be hard to let go of precious items – especially if they’re unworn – but at the end of the day, they’re simply taking up space.

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