What life stage are you at?

When it comes to clutter within the home – we understand that it can feel overwhelming and getting sorted comes with feelings of trepidation. 

We also know that no matter what stage of life you’re currently experiencing, it’s time to take control of your home life. Let us explain how and why!  

1. Busy Professionals

Are you someone who spends more time in their office than at home? Chances are, you may also unknowingly be developing clutter. Our consultations are designed to help you devise goals for your home and assist you in figuring out how you can streamline your space to save time and increase organisation. 

2. Active families

Active families often own sporting equipment galore! Do you have a structured layout and organisation system for your home garage? Or are bikes, balls and rackets tossed anywhere and everywhere? Our consultations are perfect for learning ways to sort and store items without them becoming a hazard. 

3. New Parents

Welcoming a new member to the family is an exciting time! New parents are often run off their feet and sleep deprived. Which is why we recommend getting your home sorted (and child protected) before the baby arrives. Our team is skilled in transforming homes into the best version of themselves. Could you use a helping hand?  

4. Seniors

As we age our ability to maintain our home decreases. In this instance a simple, well thought out layout can help live life to its full potential. And you’ll never have to worry about reaching or finding items when you need them again. 

5. DIY-ers

For some people, getting their hands dirty and DIY-ing their home organisation comes with a great thrill. But maybe you’re not 100% sure where to start or have hit a roadblock and need some expert advice? Our one-hour consultations are perfect for talking through any dilemmas you may be facing – you’ll leave with tools up your sleeve and a clear focus. 

6. Moving/Renovating

Moving to a new home or renovating your existing home are huge tasks. Our consultations can help make the process easy by applying well thought out sorting systems. We can help you declutter items you no longer need and create a fresh working space. Imagine stepping into a new home and having it ready to go! 

7. Home Sellers

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you may have heard of the importance of home styling and home staging. Both are designed to help you achieve the best result possible and can take a home from just adequate to wow! A one-hour consultation with our team is perfect for learning about our services and how you can utilise them to place your home in the forefront of the real estate market. 

8. Offices

Our consultations are not just limited to the home! Our expert team is skilled in sorting offices of all sizes and can help take your work environment from ok to highly efficient – just ask us how! 

What’s next?

No matter what stage you are at in life, we’re certain you will appreciate an extra hand in making your home well sorted. 

So don’t delay! 

Book your one-hour consultation today, by visiting: homesorted.com.au/book-a-consultation/

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