If you’ve landed on our blog, it’s likely that you have a question or two about the professional organising industry. 

You may be interested in joining us and helping others to live their best life at home, or you may simply be curious about the industry as a whole. Let us share all you need to know. 

What does a professional organiser do? 

Primarily, professional organisers work with clients to declutter and sort their homes. They help clients discover the benefits of organisational systems and assist them in finding solutions that work for their home and lifestyle. 

With assistance from a professional organiser, clients typically increase productivity, reduce mess, reduce stress, and learn to live a relaxed yet sorted life. 

How does Home Sorted! help people? 

Our dedicated team of professional organisers are passionate about helping people who are finding it difficult to manage it all. We understand that life is busy – and by helping families who feel overwhelmed, we are creating stress free homes that can be enjoyed by our clients and their loved ones. 

Our assistance is varied and depends on need. Our hands-on services may include decluttering, room by room sorting, storage solutions, and even packing and unpacking when clients are moving to a new home. 

What experience do we have? 

In short, lots! We have been sorting and servicing homes since 2002 and it is our passion that makes us keen to share what we know with others who have joined or are looking to join the professional organising industry. 

We know that the industry can be competitive. But helping others is at the core of what we do – and fostering careers is no exception. 

Is the professional organising industry right for me? 

If you’re wondering if the professional organising industry is right for you – we recommend taking as much time as you need to consider your personality, your current career, your aspirations, and of course, what you are hoping to achieve. 

There are of course a few questions you can ask yourself:

What’s next?

At Home Sorted! we are the experts in home organising and have spent many years developing our end-to-end systems and business practice. We know what works and what doesn’t within the home organising industry – and let us tell you it is booming! 

If helping others is your passion, a service-based business, with extra support, could be the key! We’re running a Professional Organising Careers 5 Day Workshop, an opportunity to learn about us, the industry and most importantly YOU. Do you have what it takes to become a Professional Organiser?

It’s the first step towards the career change you deserve and desire! Click Here to Learn More

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