Do you have a question or many questions?

Are you a NDIS participant considering extra help around the home? We understand that the process can be daunting. You may be apprehensive about seeking help. And of course, you want to ensure that you’re making the right decision for your needs and your home. 

With so much to consider, it’s only natural that you will have lots of questions. Here we answer the most common ones.  

What support can Home Sorted! provide?

The real question should be what support can’t we provide! Our NDIS services have been created to assist our clients to live comfortably within their own homes. We want you to love where you live and a practical, thoroughly sorted living space can do this! 

Our NDIS services cover: home sorting, cleaning services, meal planning, and garden services. We can even help you with your online shopping or complete minor home improvements. Tell us about your individual needs – and we’ll come up with a solution for you! 

Why is home sorting important? 

Home sorting is important for everyone. But for NDIS participants it can be the difference between a functional home, and one filled with hazards. Imagine finding it difficult to move around your home without bumping into items or being unable to find things when you need them. A disorganised home can also have an impact on our feelings and mood. You’re more likely to feel stressed and be unable to completely relax at home when you’re surrounded by chaos. If you ask us, that’s enough of a reason to get sorted today! 

Can’t I do this myself? 

Yes, many people do sort and maintain their homes. However, we also understand that this may be out of reach for some NDIS participants. We want everyone to be able to enjoy a sorted home – which is why we are operating under the household and / or yard maintenance category to ensure that all people have the chance to live better. 

How do the subscriptions work? 

Our NDIS services have been designed as simple subscriptions. You simply choose the level of support you require (two, four or six hours per week) and our expert team will assist you at the same time, each week. For a full breakdown of what’s included in each subscription package, visit our NDIS page here. We might be biased, but our assistance is person centred and will see you living better in no time! 

What’s next? 

If your question wasn’t answered here – no stress! You can learn more about our NDIS services and get in touch with our team of professional organisers here

Top tip: write a list of questions before reaching out. This way you can ensure we answer everything you’re concerned about and get you sorted on your home organising journey.

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