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We offer hourly sorting packages and with every package booked, you’ll receive many benefits, enabling you to sort your home with professional guidance.


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Hourly Packages

Home Sorted!

The Method

Our aim is to create a simple and effective layout, to ensure that you keep your home regularly sorted! 


Step One

Initial Consultation

Simply book your consultation, and we will spend an hour with you to better understand your layout, and preference. 

We Discover

What's Important To You

We Review

Your Sorting Habits

We Sort

Your Home For You

Step Two

Select a Package

With a range of Hourly Package on offer, we will sort your home with minimal cost and effort.

Home Sorting

Hourly Packages

Home Staging

Hourly Packages

Home Styling

Hourly Packages

Home Sale

Hourly Packages

Life Stages

Helping Hand

No matter what stage you are at in life.

You will surely appreciate an extra hand in making your home a well sorted, comfortable haven.

Home Sorted!

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