Are you living with the benefits of a sorted bathroom? We sure hope so!

Have you ever wondered how your home life would change with a sorted bathroom? 

Most people haven’t given it a second thought. But we sure have! And let us tell you it’s more than aesthetics. Sure, a sorted bathroom may look beautiful, but it’s also guaranteed to function better too.  

Shall we go on…

Clear counters 

To begin with ensure that your bathroom counters are clear. What this does is create a space free from clutter and one that is nice to look at and easy to use. That’s right, you’ll save time cleaning because you no longer need to move 101 bottles to wipe the bench and overall, less mess, leads to less stress. 

If you must place products on your counter, keep it minimal and cluster them together on a small tray or within a decorative basket. You’ll thank us and yourself when your home life gets a boost this way! 

Organise cabinets and drawers

Many overlook the power of organised cabinets and drawers. Imagine preparing yourself for work and knowing precisely where each product you use daily is located. You’ll save time rummaging within drawers, be able to keep track of what’s running low and start each day with determination and positivity knowing you’re putting your best foot or face forward.  

Need a helpful suggestion? Drawer dividers, plastic storage drawers or containers are your best friend within the bathroom. You can separate items by family members or use – to keep your space and home life flowing smoothly. 

Sort your shower caddy 

At a bare minimum your shower caddy should be large enough to fit each product that is kept within the shower. This reduces stray bottles and tubes from becoming a hazard at the base of your shower or bath. Still got too many… consider streamlining your routine or storing occasional use products elsewhere. You’ll feel great knowing your shower is organised and you cleanse yourself with confidence. 

Create extra storage 

In order to really boost your home life, you need to ensure your bathroom has adequate storage. This many mean installing shelves over your toilet or extra hanging rods to ensure each family member has a space to dry their towel. Often, simple additions make a world of difference and leave you wondering how you survived before. 

So go on, we’re giving you permission to get inventive! It’s all in the name of improving your home life! 

Spare towels and more

Finally, by ensuring your bathroom is prepared for anything you’ll be able to truly relax. Store spare towels on shelves above your toilet, spare toilet paper in a basket or create a system for backup personal products. This is why, you won’t spend minutes or hours each day answering your family’s request of where the new tube of toothpaste is being kept! 

What’s next?

Are you ready to sort your bathroom and boost your home life? We understand that each room of your home serves its own unique purpose and should be treated as such when getting sorted. 

To learn more about the ways we can help you achieve a sorted bathroom, visit: www.homesorted.com.au

We’re excited to get started and help you discover a tranquil oasis at home and within your bathroom! 

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