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Here is Our Process

We are looking for the right people to be the local face of our brand. 

You will need to be an excellent communicator, highly organised, self motivated and have a strong desire to own and operate your own business. 

The success of being a great franchisee is dependant on both the Franchisor and Franchisee…one cannot succeed without the other!

Therefore in order to get to know each other better, we apply a recruitment process, click on each step below to learn more.

Simply complete an expression of interest form

We will provide you with our full business information prospectus

If you’re impressed with what we have to offer, then simply apply

We will review your application form to better understand your skills and career to date 

A discovery discussion is simply a face to face (zoom) meeting where we both learn more about each other

We will provide you with tools that include a business projection, so that you can better understand your income potential, and your return on investment 

You will spend time understanding the business further, also obtaining professional advice from your accountant and solicitor

We will review your full application, as well as all the business potential tools provide to in order for us to decide whether we will be a good fit for a business partnership

Should we deicide to move forward you will then secure your erritory by leaving a fully refundable deposit

We will then provide you with your official franchise agreement and disclosure document (business purchase docs)

You will plan and prepare for your new business, order uniforms, prepare your business plan and ensure that all is in place on your business settlement day

You will attend our training sessions where you will learn all that you need to run your own Home Sorted! business

Together we will apply a great advertising plan to launch your business to your local community 🙂 

Home Sorted!

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