cheap weekend activities

It’s Saturday morning and the kids are awake bright and early. Yet again! You would love to stay in bed and relax, but deep down you understand it’s time to get up and stimulate their inquisitive minds.

It can get tiring (for you and the kids) doing the same activities all weekend, every weekend. We understand that sometimes you just need a cheap, or relatively inexpensive option to keep the kids entertained.

Here are our picks!

Bake – a classic choice, but still a favourite. Most kids love to help out in the kitchen and baking is even more fun. Whether you bake a cake, muffins, cookies or some other treat, it’s a pleasurable activity with quite a sweet reward. 

Game – how long has it been since you’ve played a video game? Surely you can remember how fun they can be? Your kids will (most likely!) have an advantage on this one, but why not challenge them to a video game competition? Adults vs. Kids, or mix the teams up. This can fill an afternoon with laughter and healthy rivalry.

Picnic – the days are warming up; the sun is starting to creep through the clouds. Why not enjoy these beautiful days by heading to a local park for a picnic? Pick a spot with some shade, lay down a picnic rug and enjoy an afternoon outdoors.

The morning can be spent organising and making food for the picnic, giving your kids hands on involvement for the whole day. Don’t forget to pack a Frisbee or cricket bat. You’re going to want to stretch your legs after eating.

Arts & Crafts – the opportunities with arts & crafts projects are endless and best of all, they can be very inexpensive. Your recycling bin can be the starting point for many fabulous projects. Whether it’s paper-mache, or building a car from boxes, arts & crafts allows your children unleash their creativity in a constructive environment.=

Drive-In – whilst a little more expensive than the other options on this list, the drive-in cinema can be a wonderful family outing. This is especially great if you have younger children who like to talk the whole way through the film. Sit back, in the comfort of your car, tune in the radio, and enjoy the latest kids flick or family film. Just don’t forget the snacks!

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