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Get into the festive spirit with arts and crafts the whole family can enjoy! These easy to follow craft ideas are suitable for all ages and can be used to build traditions or create memories this holiday season. 

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Create a craft box

Begin by creating a craft box. This is something that can be put together all year round, but don’t stress if you’re running short on craft supplies this Christmas. We understand that 2020 has left many feeling behind the ball, and this is more than ok! Simply use this as a reminder to restock your craft box after Christmas this year, so it’s ready to go for the years ahead. 

Suggested items to include are magazines, Christmas pictures or activity books, wrapping paper, gift tags, coloured paper, coloured cardboard, craft glue, cellophane, etc. 

It is also recommended that you label the box ‘Christmas Crafts’ so it is easily located each year. 

Encourage creativity 

Whether you are creating ornaments for your tree, drawings to share with neighbours or making your own Christmas cards, there is an abundance of creativity to be had.

A great way to encourage creativity is by getting your whole family involved. You’ll find that young children through to adults can find enjoyment in simple activities that allow you to bond together. This is the Christmas spirit after all… 

Craft together with these ideas 

Now that you’re prepared to craft, you must be looking for ideas! Feel free to use your imagination and inner creativity to get started. If you’re still feeling stuck, we share some of our favourite arts and crafts below. 

Paper Plate Santa’s

Who doesn’t love a paper plate Santa? Yours can be displayed on your refrigerator or as part of your home decorations! 

Required items

Step 1. Glue a small white paper plate onto a larger plate, ensuring they overlap by 1.5cm.

Step 2. Use textas to transform the top small plate into Santa’s face. Create eyes, a nose and smile for Santa.

Step 3. The large plate will be Santa’s body. Use red paper to create a jacket for him and black paper to make buttons.

Step 4. Glue cotton wool balls to create a beard for Santa, as well as his hat.

Christmas Paper Chains 

Is there a more iconic decoration than paper chains? We think not! 

Required items

Step 1. Cut the coloured paper into strips, approximately 15cm long and 3am wide.

Step 2. Take one piece and join the two ends together by forming a circle, secure with staples. 

Step 3. Thread a new piece of paper through your first loop and repeat the process in step 2. This will create a loop chain effect. 

Step 4. Repeat the process until you have formed a long paper chain – you may choose to join your first and last loops together to create a large loop. 

Step 5. Choose a place to hang! We recommend on your tree, door frame or from your ceiling. 

Personalised Christmas Placemats

Imagine sitting down to Christmas dinner with your own handmade placemats. Guess what? It’s possible! 

Required items

Step 1. Cut out an assortment of Christmas images from old Christmas cards. Make sure you have a variety of shapes, sizes and colours! 

Step 2. Take a large sheet of white cardboard (A3 is perfect) and creatively write your name and year on the centre. Your name should be the centrepiece of the placemat, so make it as creative and fancy as you wish! 

Step 3. Glue images onto the white cardboard, surrounding your name. Remember to be creative and create a design you truly love. 

Step 4. Once the glue has dried, protect and create your placemat by covering the entire sheet with clear adhesive paper. Run a ruler over it slowly to release any air bubbles.

Armed with these ideas you should be ready for a day of arts and crafts with the whole family – Christmas style! 

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