Don’t stress the clean up!

After spending hours getting sorted for Christmas. Navigating festive soirees with friends. And enjoying Christmas Day with your family – it’s time for the Christmas clean up! 

You may be tired and feeling a little less jolly – this is understandable – and the number one reason why we advocate leaving the Christmas clean up until Boxing Day. 

Here’s why…

Clean tomorrow

Cleaning up after Christmas is always a little bittersweet. You will have enjoyed a day with loved ones and the inevitable task of putting your home back in order will be on your mind. Aim to push this aside and place focus on enjoying your day – not only will you feel more relaxed when it comes to cleaning on December 26, but you’ll have loving memories to remember!

Gather your family 

Begin by gathering your family. The Christmas clean up can be a mammoth task and everyone should be involved – better yet, make it a fun and family bonding experience by playing music and enjoying a backyard lunch of Christmas leftovers or cool drinks together once your home is back in order. 

You may find it useful to delegate tasks or rooms to each family member. This will depend entirely on your family’s age and abilities. 

Give each room a once over

Move from room to room ensuring that all rubbish is removed, windows opened to air and surfaces wiped down. Carpets should be vacuumed, and tiles or floorboards washed. 

Christmas wrapping paper can be recycled or placed into a box for art and craft supplies. Packaging from presents (we all end up with masses of this at Christmas…) can often be recycled also depending on if boxes are cardboard or not. 

When tackling the kitchen, be sure to check that all leftovers are stored in airtight containers. This will ensure your meal stays fresh for the days to follow – and gives you plenty of easy and lazy meals to enjoy. 

Start laundry immediately

Along with Christmas comes piles of laundry. From guest towels, tea towels, aprons, napkins, as well as general washing – if you leave this for too long, you’ll soon be buried. That’s why we recommend starting your first load of washing immediately on Boxing Day and following up with additional loads until you have no more drying space.

Be sure to also stay on top of the ironing. This can be delegated to a family member or if there are numerous good ironers in your home, set a competition to see who can complete a basket of ironing in the least time. There is nothing like some friendly competition at Christmas time! 

Leave decorations until January

Traditionally speaking, Christmas decorations remain in place until New Years. It’s common to begin dismantling your Christmas tree and festive decorations on January 1, giving you plenty of time to refresh yourself from the post-Christmas clean up. 

Here’s to a simple and quick Christmas clean up! 

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