Take the stress out of Christmas shopping!

December has arrived, which means your Christmas shopping should be well underway. But we also know not everything goes to plan.

If you’re yet to start shopping or are feeling overwhelmed with choosing gifts for your friends and family, we have you sorted. 

Make a list of their likes and interests 

Start by making a list of every person on your Christmas gift list. Next to their name, compile a list of all their likes and interests. When you do this, it is also handy to make note of any gift ideas that pop to mind. You may even surprise yourself at how easy it becomes to choose gifts when you start to consider what the recipient likes and how they spend their time, or hobbies they practice. 

Consider past gifts

If you’re still coming up blank for ideas, think about past gifts you have either given the recipient or that you know they have received. Is there a similar gift that you can purchase this year? For example, movie lovers are often happy to receive movie tickets each year – as it’s a gift they’re guaranteed to use. 

Ask for ideas

Another strategy is asking the person you are struggling to buy for – what they would like for Christmas. They may not be forthcoming with a whole range of ideas, but what they do say can provide a glimmer of insight into the kinds of gifts they enjoy receiving. You can even ask your friends and family to compile wish lists from their favourite online retailers, in order to make gift giving easier for everyone!

If the recipient simply responds with, “I don’t need/want anything” don’t take their word on this, as most people love to receive gifts at Christmas time. Consider ways to give them back time or gifts that will make their life easier. This could be a kitchen gadget or personal items that streamlines their day. 

Consider our suggestions

We understand that there will always be people who are hard to buy for, or those who won’t give an inch when you ask for hints! That’s why we’re including a number of suggestions for him, her, and the kids in your life. 

Use these as a jumping off board to start brainstorming even more great ideas! 

Gifts for him

Gifts for her

Gifts for kids

The list really is endless, and chances are, you’ve thought of more than enough gifts by now! We sure have! 

If you’re still feeling unsure and find Christmas Day slipping away from you, consider My Christmas Sorted! Our step-by-step guide is filled with gift ideas and will assist you to be better prepared, and to fully enjoy the season.

Visit www.homesorted.com.au/my-christmas-sorted/ to get yourself sorted today!  

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