How’s your Christmas clean up going?

Christmas has been and gone for another year. You decked the halls, spent time with loved ones, and most likely enjoyed a delicious meal. Now it’s time to complete your Christmas clean up before starting the new year! 

But what would you say if we told you, you could clean up this Christmas and get ready for next year – well, it’s possible! Let us share our favourite tips below. 

Sort your decorations as you pack them away 

It can be tempting to simply toss decorations into a box as you disassemble your tree. This will only end in disaster and leave you shaking your head in frustration when Christmas rolls around again. 

We recommend taking a mindful approach that looks forward and gets you ready for next year by storing baubles and ornaments neatly. You can choose to place small items inside egg cartons or wrap in bubble wrap individually. This will protect them from damage and allow you to extend their lifespan. 

As for Christmas lights, we recommend cutting a 20cm piece of cardboard and wrapping each strand around the cardboard. This will save you time next Christmas when your lights are ready to be hung – no detangling required. 

Once your smaller items are sorted, place and store in large airtight containers. These should be labelled for easy access. 

Toss broken items

Broken baubles and ornaments are often overlooked due to their sentimental nature. This may not be what you want to hear – but ensure that you toss anything broken each Christmas. There is no point storing items that will only break further or risk not being used. 

Donate unwanted gifts 

Did you or your family receive a pile of unwanted gifts? It can happen – but the best course of action is returning them for store credit (if possible), donating to charity or stashing them aside for next year. Hear us out of this one! 

Regifting is gaining serious momentum and if you received an item that you know another friend or family member would love, consider keeping it safe until next year. We all love being able to cross an extra name off our shopping list! 

Write a gift list

This may sound crazy as you’ve just gotten through Christmas shopping for this year, but if you’ve discovered new and fresh gift ideas– it’s also the perfect time to start writing a gift list for next year. 

What items were a big hit? What items were a miss? Make notes now, so when November rolls around next year you’ll have a starting point to work from. 

My Christmas Sorted!

If your Christmas clean-up is still getting the better of you – know that the experts can help! We have created a DIY course that provides step-by-step advice to sorting your Christmas before, during and after the day. 

Why not use the momentum from this Christmas to get you sorted for next year with My Christmas Sorted! 

This way you’re free to enjoy the festive season with loved ones! 

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