family room sorted

The family room is the central hub of any home. It’s the place where family members gather to watch movies together or to share stories of their day. It’s also where snacks are occasionally eaten and if not careful, the family room can easily become dirty and messy on a daily basis.

With a few simple habits you can keep this disorder in check.

Remove all dirty dishes 

Quite often families will consume food in the family room. If this is the case, ensure that each family member is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and takes their dirty dishes straight back to the kitchen.

Create the habit of putting the dishes straight into the dishwasher or sink and half of your battle is already solved.

Put items away when finished 

When family members use games, DVDs, or toys it’s important to get them into the habit of returning these items to their homes as soon as they are done with them. It’s so easy to lose small pieces of games or puzzles. By taking this one small step, not only do you create a sorted family room but you extend the life of your families games as well. 

Keep the family room clean and maintain

The amount of food consumed in the family room may be small, but the mess can add it if it’s not well maintained.

Give your floors a quick sweep or vacuum daily to prevent build up and to make a thorough cleaning job that much easier. Another option is investing in a small hand-held vacuum that are light and practical to use on all surfaces.

Give the area a thorough monthly clean

It’s imperative that the family room is thoroughly cleaned each month. Small daily maintenance is great, but to give the space a fresh lease on life you need to really give the room your full attention and energy.

Areas to clean include:

These areas will all benefit from a quick tidy. Additionally, dust all furniture pieces and ensure you give the area a thorough vacuum and mop. It should only take you about 40 minutes to thoroughly clean the family room.

This is a small time investment for hours of de-cluttered enjoyment.

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