Do your kids have more toys than their bedroom can hold? Or maybe you’re stuck for storage ideas?

We’re here to help you get your kid’s bedrooms sorted with these clever and easy storage ideas for kid’s toys.

Incorporate book shelves into their room décor

Stay in control of reading books by incorporating book shelves into your kid’s bedroom décor. With so many different kinds available – for example, cube storage systems and hanging shelves – there is bound to be a solution suitable for your kid’s bedroom.

Display prized possessions

Do your kids have a certain toy that they love? Maybe it’s Hot Wheels cars, My Little Pony or even Paw Patrol toys ready to tackle their next mission.

A great way to keep your kid’s bedrooms organised and toys sorted is to display these prized possessions in a tidy manner. As we mentioned in the previous point, book shelves are a brilliant way to incorporate storage into the room décor. And they don’t have to be used exclusively for books.

Use a toy box or basket for miscellaneous items

You cannot go past the traditional toy box when it comes to toy storage. Think of this as a one size fits all solution for all those toys that don’t belong elsewhere! Better yet, you simply open the lid and toss it all in. Now doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Utilise under bed storage

If necessary you can also utilise under bed storage solutions for toys. We love baskets or containers that have lids and can be pulled out easily. This is a particularly great solution for building blocks, Lego or toys that can be heavy to lift up and down from shelves.

Sort and donate on a regular basis

As much as some people don’t want to admit it, kids outgrow toys as fast as they outgrow clothes. Set aside time on a regular basis to sort and donate toys as they outgrow them. You’ll thank yourself in the long run for culling items regularly.

Finally, if you ever encounter sticky or dirty plastic toys, remember that these can be easily cleaned on a quick dishwasher cycle. Simply place small toys inside a delicate or lingerie wash bag and place in your dishwasher. We love cleaning Lego this way!