kids zone

Whether it’s the school holidays or a rainy weekend stuck at home, there are always benefits of creating a kids zone within the family room.

Contain chaos

Don’t deny it, kids have the power to turn the most organised home into sheer chaos. It’s what they do. Whether you’re dealing with a truckload of Lego or enough dolls to fill a school, the family room can turn into a disaster in a single moment. By designating a zone to your kids, you are in a sense, containing the chaos.

Create responsibility

Creating a kids zone within the family room offers you the potential to instil lessons of responsibility into your children. These can be small or large lessons. If you choose to give full responsibility of the ‘zone’ to your children, this can teach them large lessons of caring for their belongings and how to keep spaces tidy.

It’s hopeful that these lessons will translate across to other areas of their lives such as bedrooms and school belongings.

Curate a zone

You’ve heard the benefits of creating a kids zone within the family room, but how can you put one together?

There are plenty of options available. A few of our favourite ideas are as follows:
• Use a rug to designate an area as the ‘play zone’. We particularly like circular rugs for this purpose.
• Keep toys clustered together in baskets or boxes. This is a nifty way to conceal endless toys in the family room. Teach your children to put them back in the baskets or boxes when finished to ensure a clean, organised and clutter-free space.
• Use furniture to divide the family room. Whether you use a coffee table or couch, consider creating a divider in the family room. One section for the kids, one for the adults. You could even turn it into a competition to see who can keep their area the cleanest. We adore creating motivation through healthy competition.
• Place a kids table and chairs in the zone to increase creativity. Budding artists need a space to work and a kids table and chairs are a fantastic way to encourage exactly that. You could even spend an afternoon painting the chairs your children’s favourite colours for a fun activity.

Are you ready to create a kids zone within your family room?