Have you discovered yours?

What comes to mind when you think of your perfect home? 

Is it a sorted and functional space where every item has a place? Or perhaps, a space free from clutter that allows you to relax with ease. 

No matter your vision, our one-hour consultations are perfect for turning your ideas (or bouncing some off us) into achievable goals.

Interested in learning more? Read on as we explore some possible goals. 

A sorted bedroom

What it looks like now… 

Your bedroom is chaotic. Sure, there is a wardrobe and a bed, however it is lacking any solid organisation and you’re just as likely to find items you need on the floor as you are within your wardrobe. 

Discover your goals… 

You visualise a wardrobe where both doors close – easily! Each item is hung or folded into a specific space, and you know precisely where to find everything. Your bedroom makes you feel calm, and you can’t remember the last time you struggled to fall asleep.

Goals: wardrobe organisation, bedroom decluttering

A functional laundry

What it looks like now… 

Your laundry serves its purpose. It’s a space where you wash clothes, spend endless hours sorting whites from colours, and hope you have enough detergent to get the job done. You’d rather close the door and forget the room even exists. 

Discover your goals… 

You visualise a clean and sorted laundry. There are washing baskets (multiple!) for each type of washing, a clear bench top for folding and a system that ensures you never run low on detergent or softener again. If you have to do laundry daily, you may as well have a room you enjoy spending time within! 

Goals: laundry basket system, laundry product organisation, laundry decluttering 

A picture-perfect pantry

What it looks like now… 

Your pantry is a mess. You open the doors and are confronted with tins, packets, spices, sauces tossed anywhere and everywhere. It takes longer than it should to cook dinner as you always find yourself on the hunt for a missing ingredient. 

Discover your goals… 

You visualise the kind of pantry you see on Pinterest. Food is stored in neat, matching containers or jars. Your spices are clustered together, as are your sauces. Your children know where to search for snacks and you hang a shopping list inside the door to make notes of items you need – before they run out. Your containers are labelled, and the system is followed. You find yourself peering inside at the wonder that has been created – just for you! 

Goals: pantry decluttering, pantry organisation, pantry labels 

What’s next?

Have the scenarios above got you thinking? If you can visualise it, we can help you create it, and we’re excited to do so! 

Simply purchase a one-hour consultation where we will join you virtually or in-person to assess your space and devise a guide to get started. 

Don’t hold yourself back. Discover your goals today: https://homesorted.com.au/book-a-consultation/

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