DIY or Hands on Help?

There are so many clever ways to sort your home. Trust us, we’re professional organisers and we still get excited coming up with new and inventive ways. But we also know that not everybody has the urge to DIY.  

That’s why, our subscription packages are designed to offer a wide range of services and assistance, from 100% DIY using our tools and advice through to hands on help from our team. 

With that said, let’s figure out which is right for you! 

Let’s talk DIY

Our Starter subscription package is the ultimate in DIY. You are provided with our DIY course that takes you step-by-step through the process of sorting each space within your home. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for additional support our Simplify subscription package provides the same DIY course along with 1 hour monthly virtual consultations. These are perfect for getting your niggling questions answered or gaining fresh ideas and tips. 



Let’s talk Hands on Help

If DIY doesn’t suit your lifestyle or personality, you may find solace in our Serenity subscription package. You’ll receive our DIY course in addition to the added benefit of 2 hours of regular hands-on sorting from one of our professional organisers each month.

This means you can use our course to decide what spaces you want organised and then have us do the work for you! 



Which subscription package is right for you?

Only you can truly know what subscription is right for you. Take a moment to consider the time you have to commit to the project as well as the spaces you would like to sort. 

This should give you a baseline as to whether you’re good to go it alone or need an extra pair of hands. 

But if you ask us, the pros always outweigh the cons for every single subscription package we have available – and you’re only holding yourself back to achieving a calm and relaxing home environment. 

What next?

Now that you’ve decided which subscription is right for you, it’s time to take action.

Simply visit: and secure your spot today!

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