Let us help get you sorted!

Are you ready to declutter and sort your home? Congratulations – this is a huge step and one we’re keen to help you with. 

Whether you’ve sorted your home before or are a complete newbie, our regular sorting service has been created to help you create a simple and effective layout within your home. 


Our regular sorting service is offered via subscription and comes with varying levels of assistance. Our DIY option is perfect for those who have sorted their home before and possibly struggle to keep it sorted. You’ll have a basic level of home organisation knowledge but would benefit from room-by-room tips to keep you on track. The good news is that our Starter subscription comes with access to our exclusive My Home Sorted! DIY course. Here you’ll find all the advice you need to sort each area within the home. 

Some suggestions include:


Are you someone who wants to declutter and sort your own home, but could use some expert guidance from time to time? If so, our Simplify subscription would be perfect for you. You’ll receive all the same benefits as our Starter subscription, along with monthly virtual consultations where you can ask questions and gain tailored advice to your home and sorting journey. How great does that sound? 

Some suggestions include:

Hands on help

Our final way to help you sort your home comes with hands on help – and lots of it! That’s right, our Serenity subscription delivers all the benefits of our Starter and Simplify subscriptions along with an in-home consultation and monthly hands on help to get your home sorted and keep it sorted.

This package is perfect for those of you who require an extra set of hands to get the job started and finished. And is bound to help you achieve the sorted home of your dreams. 

Some suggestions include:

What’s next? 

Your home sorting journey awaits – and we’re here to help! Reach out today to learn more about our services or subscribe now

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