Have you discovered My Christmas Sorted!?

It’s almost December and your to-do list is growing by the day. Work, getting sorted for Christmas and your social calendar are all demanding your attention and you’re beginning to feel not-so jolly! 

The good news is there is another way! Our My Christmas Sorted! DIY course and subscription packages are designed to help you find peace of mind this December and enjoy a stress-free Christmas. 

Learn how to decorate your home 

Are you someone who struggles to find the top from the bottom when assembling your Christmas tree? Or do you despise the decoration process and love the result? Either way, we have you sorted! 

Our DIY course is filled with room-by-room tips to transform your home into a Christmas wonderland. Whether you want to go all out, or have our team set up your tree for you, we have an idea and a solution ready and waiting. 

Uncover our gift buying tips and suggestions

Buying gifts for loved ones can be an exciting process each December. For some people it can also increase anxiety and dread with busy shopping centres and long waits for online deliveries. 

But what would you say if we told you your Christmas shopping could be sorted and wrapped without you leaving the house? This is possible with a My Christmas Sorted! subscription package. You’ll also receive our favourite tips and pick of gifts for all the personalities in your life – meaning you’ll have one less thing to stress about this December. 

Discover how to survive Christmas stress

Sadly, some families struggle to escape stress during the festive season. Whether it’s uncles and aunts who always fight around the dinner table, obligations to attend every event on your calendar, or children who would rather stay at home than visit your relatives – December can turn not-so jolly fast! 

This is where My Christmas Sorted! can come to the rescue. Our DIY course is filled with advice for surviving Christmas stress and ways to make your December as smooth as possible. You’ll be drinking festive cocktails and eating treats without fuss when you follow our guide. 

Be prepared for the Christmas clean up 

A jolly December doesn’t stop on Christmas Day – it continues into the next day when your Christmas clean up happens. And then again in January when it’s time to disassemble your tree and festive décor. 

Would you rather go on holiday and not worry about the decorations? You can! My Christmas Sorted! allows you to dedicate tree disassembling to the experts.

Consider this another item checked off your list. 

What’s next? 

If you’re ready to take advantage of a Christmas sorting services designed to help you enjoy a jolly December – don’t delay. 

We share all the ins and outs here, along with a link to subscribe today! This is your Christmas to truly feel sorted. 

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