Are you feeling overwhelmed at clutter?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with clutter and have a desire to organise your home – we know the feeling well.

In fact, many of our clients come to us feeling the same way and are relieved when we help them figure out a plan of attack. Let us explain. 

Book a one-hour consultation

The first step to feeling in control of your home is knowing what you want to achieve. If you can look around your home and list your goals – that’s great, you’re already ahead. If not, booking a one-hour consultation with one of our experienced team members could be the perfect way forward.  

We’ll conduct an A-Z home review that will help you figure out what you hope to achieve, and the steps required to get you there. 

In the meantime, there are a handful of tips that can help you feel less overwhelmed and allow you to feel in control again.  

Remember that clutter is not only physical – it’s emotional

Clutter can affect you in many ways. From physical clutter that prevents you from getting to work on time or knowing when to find items when you need them, all the way through to emotional clutter. This can vary from person to person but is often described as stress and anxiety when at home. If you’re someone who is unable to relax – emotional clutter could be the cause. 

Start small

A good way to reduce these feelings is by tackling small tasks first. These are simple tasks that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes – you may even feel a sense of motivation when you complete them and want to do more. 

Some examples include folding and putting washing away as soon as it’s dry, placing dishes into the dishwasher as soon as you are finished with them, removing excess clutter from your bedroom, or living areas. 

Get rid of visible clutter first 

Another step that can make clutter feel less overwhelming is to remove visible clutter first. This means grabbing yourself a box or garbage bag and moving your way around your home removing items that you no longer need or use. You can choose to toss, donate or sell these items at a later date – the point to begin with is creating surfaces that are free from clutter. 

Hype yourself up with feel good music

Finally, any task is made easier with the right playlist. Pop in your headphones and your choice of feel-good music and get to work. You may even catch yourself singing along or dancing as the job gets done! 

What’s next? 

If having a plan hasn’t helped you or your feelings of overwhelm are too strong – that’s ok!  

Our experienced team members are ready to help. Simply book your one-hour consultation and get ready to sort your home. 

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