Weekends don’t need to be action packed with the latest events and adventures. Sometimes, relaxing at home with your family and some much loved activities can be all you need to unwind and have fun.

How have you spent your weekend lately? Stuck for ideas? Try out some of our suggestions below this coming weekend!

Break out the board games

These beauties are underrated in the age of video game consoles and the internet. Traditional board games can be wonderful bonding activities for the whole family. Games like Monopoly can also teach your children life lessons such as budgeting and spark some healthy competition within your family.

Play backyard sports

If the sun is shining get outside and enjoy the warmth by playing sports such as backyard cricket or basketball. Make the most of the space you have and create healthy habits about physical activity with your children.

Re-watch childhood favourites

Visiting favourite childhood films can be a fun afternoon in the making. Gather your girlfriends or the family and share those films you laughed and cried at as a child. Chances are you’ll introduce a whole new generation to some classic cinema!

Start a DIY project

Do you have a project you’ve wanted to start for a long time? Be honest! Most people have some urge tickling the back of their mind. Do you have a room you want to paint? Or photos to collage? Whatever the project may be, spend an afternoon getting started. You don’t have to finish the whole project in one day. DIY projects have the potential to become a soothing activity you work on each weekend, or monthly.

Bake a cake and enjoy the icing

Spend a few hours baking the most extravagant cake you can manage. Cake doesn’t have to be defined by birthdays and celebrations. Sit down with your family and enjoy a slice together. Even make an afternoon of it, by telling stories and playing games with your kids. Who doesn’t like cake after all?

Go for a bike ride

Not quite staying within the home, but family bike rides can be wonderful for relaxing your body and mind. The kids will love getting out on their bikes and nature can be soothing for everyone; not forgetting the health benefits of raising your heart rate regularly.