With only six weekends until Christmas, your life is about to get that much busier. Before you start to stress, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and keep reading as we discuss how to get organised this Christmas by writing lists.

At Home Sorted! we love a good list. And the best thing about writing lists is that you can make them for absolutely everything that can planned in advance.

Guest List

The easiest way to start planning your Christmas celebration is to start with a guest list.

If you’re on hosting duty for Christmas this list should include everyone you will be expecting for dinner, along with any house guests you may be having during the period.

From here you’re then able to figure out how many people you will be catering for, along with who you need to purchase gifts for.

Meal Planning

You can break your meal planning down into a separate list for each meal. You will have Christmas dinner, but also consider writing lists for healthy breakfast foods and snacks. Given the high stress period of Christmas, it’s important to ensure no one goes hungry for too long!

Shopping List

We love shopping lists as they allow you to get a head start on your Christmas shopping AND stay on top of what you’ve already purchased by crossing out items as you buy them.
As a starting point, we recommend compiling lists for the following categories:

Presents – include who and what you would like to give. Also include a back-up gift idea in case the first gift falls through and don’t forget wrapping paper and ribbon!

Groceries – use your meal planning list to write down each item you need to get from the grocery store. Remember that you can also start buying these items in advance so you don’t have a huge bill when it gets closer to Christmas day.

Decorations – are there any decorations you need to replace?

Clothing – most people don’t think about clothing lists but if you have a holiday party approaching consider assessing your wardrobe to ensure you have everything you need.

Miscellaneous items – if you’re having visitors to stay over the Christmas period there may be some miscellaneous items like towels, or soap that you need to purchase. This is the list for them.

Keep them all together

We understand that this sounds like a lot of lists – consider writing them in one notebook that fits inside your handbag, or use an app on your phone. This way you’ll be ready and informed whenever you hit the shops in the lead up to Christmas.

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