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Wouldn’t it be great to leave all the stress of packing up your home and transitioning to your new place to someone else? Worrying about how to pack your precious memories can be overwhelming and if not done properly may cause damaged goods.

The packing is the most important part of your move. It may seem like a simple task to fill boxes…but is it really? If not done right it can cause unnecessary delays and disorganisation.

We’ll assist you at every crucial stage, and ensure that it’s a smooth process on both sides of your move.

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Moving into a new space creates a blank canvas to create order and calm. However once you arrive to your new home you can easily get excited and start to unpack without a clear plan and just a mission.

The mission is to get as much unpacked as possible with the plan to unpack now and sort later – a recipe for disorganisation disaster.

We’ll set up your new space in a way that works best, consulting with you on your preffered outcome every step if the way.

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Renovations will more likely than not cause a major disruption to your routine and usually calm household. Moving the kids into one room and making best use of one wardrobe for all is a mammoth task.

Along with the juggle of using your remaining space the stress that comes with renovating whilst living in your home is often hard to manage in a practical manner.

Our team will utilise your space as best we can, to ensure that the your space is clear, helping to eliminate stress.

Our Packing Services

Packages from only *$94 per hour​

8 Hours

1 Month Expiry
  • Thorough Decluttering
  • Individual Room Packing
  • Sale Campaign Support
  • Consultation Fee Fully Redeemable

16 Hours

2 Month Expiry
  • Emptying Cupboards
  • Sorting & Packing Boxes
  • New Home Layout Assistance
  • Consultation Fee Fully Redeemable

32 Hours

3 Month Expiry
  • Unpacking per Room
  • New Home Layout Assistance
  • Internal Cupboards Setup
  • Consultation Fee Fully Redeemable

*Plus GST. 


Our Process To Get You Sorted!

Show Us Your Clutter … No Judgement … We’re Here to Help!


Book your


*$99.00 & Fully Redeemable. Plus GST


We commit

To An Hour Of Your Time

To Assess Your Home and Your Goals


Redeem your full *$99.00

Off Any Service Package

i.e $499.00 Package Reduced to $400.00.

*$99.00 & Fully Redeemable with any Service Package Booked. Plus GST

What Clients Say

Finally I have some spare time on the weekend. Living clutter free has helped me to feel so much more relaxed. I’ve got so much extra space and time now, thank you.

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