Home Sanitisation

Peace of mind...live germ free at home!



We’ve always known that living in a clean environment has endless health benefits. But given the current pandemic we are experiencing, now more than ever we need to be extra careful!

General home cleaning has jus gone up a notch. We will clean your home from top to toe, taking extra time to focus on all hands on surface areas, such as door knobs, etc 

We’ll thoroughly clean your home with cleaning products that sanitise and clean.



Once your home has been cleaned, we will thoroughly disinfect your home with extra caution.

The mission is to ensure that all areas of the home high or low are fully sanitised so that dangerous germs are removed on contact.

We cannot be cautious enough considering how quickly and easily harmful germs can spread across your home. Hence why we apply as two step process for extra protection.

Home Sale

Santising & Cleaning

Aside from our general cleaning and sanitising services. We also offer a Home Sale cleaning service.

This is a very important clean, as your agent will be entering your home with new prospective buyers during your entire sale campaign.

Therefore, there will be lots of foot traffic and it is very important to keep your home sanitised in order to keep you and your family as safe as possible during the process.

We will clean and sanitise in between every home inspection (or as needed), to ensure that the your home helping to eliminate any extra stress.

Home Sanitising

Service Packages

$55 /hour*


Home Sanitisation
  • 2-4 Hour Rate
  • One Off or Regular Service
  • Individual Room by Room Cleaning
  • Surfaces Sanitised
$50 /hour*


Home Sanitisation
  • 4-8 Hour Rate
  • Throughly Cleaned & Sanitised
  • Whole Home Area
  • One Off or Regular Service
$45 /hour*

Home Sale

Sanitising & Cleaning
  • Full Clean of Home
  • Removal of Built Up Dirt
  • Disinfect Between Inspections
  • Sanitisation on Common Areas

*Plus GST. 


What Clients Say

I feel more relaxed know ing that my home has not only been cleaned, but also sanitised. we're buys at home, and keeping our home germ free on very important to us.

Home Sorted!

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