christmas curveballs

Most of us imagine a Christmas season filled with good times, friends and family. However, this isn’t always the case with Christmas creating its own set of curveballs and hiccups along the way.

Rest assured. We’ve compiled this list of common curveballs and how to best handle them to ensure you have the best chance at success these holidays!

1. My home feels too small to host Christmas

For starters, when it comes to hosting Christmas no one is looking at the size of your home. This is all in your mind and something you shouldn’t worry about. Your guests are thankful for the opportunity to see friends and family they haven’t seen throughout the year, as well as for the chance to make memories. Don’t ruin this opportunity by worrying about how many people you can fit around the dinner table.

2. There are more guests than I planned for!

If you ask us, every single person has experienced extra guests at the Christmas dinner table. It simply happens! Friends or family may forget to tell you that they’re bringing their newest partner or last-minute invitations may be casually extended. The best thing to do here is to welcome the challenge with open arms and simply squish them in. No one is going to mind having a few extra people to chat to around the table and when it comes to Christmas food, there is always more than enough to go around!

3. I received a gift I was expecting

This can be a tricky one especially if it comes from a Christmas guest you were not expecting. We recommend stashing a couple of gender-neutral Christmas gifts, such as chocolates or wine, into your wardrobe in case a need arises over the holiday season. If you find yourself with extra gifts come January, they’re yours to enjoy.

4. How can I show my family I care on a budget?

Similar to the points above, Christmas is about spending time with friends and family. It can be very easy to get swept up in thinking you have to provide the biggest and the best of everything – but that’s simply not the case. Anyone you ask will tell you it’s the thought that counts and small family traditions, such as Kris Kringle’s, can help build strong memories and cut costs if money is tight.

Are you ready to dodge these Christmas curveballs now? We sure hope so!

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