Christmas guests sorted!

Christmas is a wonderful time filled with friends and family from near and afar. For many, it is also a time when relatives come to stay.

If you are hosting guests within your home this Christmas, we’re here to show you how to prepare and enjoy a sorted festive season. 

As the saying goes, the more the merrier!  

Refresh your guest room

If you are fortunate enough to have a guest room, begin by giving this space a thorough airing. Open all windows and doors and encourage fresh air to flow throughout. Ensure clean linen is placed onto the bed and check that some storage is available for your guests. This does not need to be an entire wardrobe or set of drawers; a few hanging spaces or a single drawer usually suffice for a handful of days. 

You may opt to add a few festive touches such as red or green towels, a Christmas scented candle or some simple decorations to brighten up the space. 

Make space for everyone

Whether you have a guest room or not, ensure that you make space for everyone. This may include allocating children’s rooms for nieces and nephews to bunk in with or ensuring that sofa beds, inflatable mattresses and bedding are in correct supply. 

Guests at Christmas understand they may be living in close quarters, but it is still a good idea to try and give everyone a clear divide as to where living and sleeping begins and ends! You’ll thank yourself for the extra effort when their stay goes smoothly.

Ensure towels and toiletries are available 

Make sure your guests are shown where you keep your towels and toiletries. Having family come to stay, means you won’t need to wait on them hand and foot and showing them the basics of your home means everyone will feel welcome. 

Consider meal preparation

We know that you’re going to want to spend as much time as possible with your guests – it’s only natural. For this reason, consider planning and cooking as many meals as possible in advance. This can be as simple as preparing dishes you can pop straight from the freezer and into the oven to cook or having ingredients such as vegetables pre-chopped. 

Plan activities in advance 

The same can be said for activities. If you would like to take your family to local attractions, carols or festive events, be sure to plan and book in advance. This will allow your guests to best plan their stay – and give you all some structure for when you’ll be spending time together and having time apart.

The latter point is equally important when hosting Christmas guests – remember, you don’t need to have everything planned for your guests. Simply pointing them in the direction of some fun local activities or leaving them to explore on their own will give you and your family some down time. 

Hosting Christmas guests can be an exciting event and one made easier with these simple tips! 

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