christmas decorations

It’s that time of the year again – Christmas and New Years are over and the process of taking down your decorations must begin!

Now, we know it can be tempting to stash everything into a couple of boxes with the intention of sorting your Christmas decorations next year – please don’t.

We’re here to tell you that creating a system to sort and store your decorations is a simple process and one that you’ll be willing to follow every year.

Ensure you have the right tools

Before you start organising anything, we recommend checking that you have everything that is required to safely sort and store your Christmas decorations. This may include boxes, airtight containers, tissue paper, bubble wrap, snap lock bags, egg cartons or even shoe boxes. As well as the usual suspects of tape and scissors!

Stock up on snap-lock bags

These are a fantastic trick for sorting decorations within larger airtight containers or boxes. You can choose to sort decorations by size, use or even colours to ensure they’re easy to locate next year.

Store baubles in egg cartons or shoe boxes

There is nothing we hate more than broken Christmas baubles, that’s why we recommend storing them in egg cartons or shoe boxes to ensure no disappointment when next December rolls around.

You can choose to sort by colour or type for easy access next year too. Just remember if you’re using show boxes, it’s always a good idea to wrap individual baubles in tissue paper first.

Control your tree with cling wrap

Have you ever tried to wrangle a Christmas tree into its box? Not fun, right? We love controlling ours by wrapping the main section with cling wrap to ensure it holds in place. If you don’t have enough cling wrap you can also choose to use a belt around your tree’s midsection. This should help simplify the storage process.

Discard decorations that are broken

Finally, it can be really easy to hang onto broken Christmas decorations for sentimental reasons – please don’t! These will do nothing but cause heartbreak when you unbox them year after year. If you’re not ready to let them go completely consider breaking them down further and making new decorations with the different pieces or using the items for children’s art and craft projects.

We hope we’ve inspired you to sort your collection thoroughly this year!

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