After months of home isolation, we’re going to guess that your kids’ bedrooms could use a little magic or clever sorting.

Whether its piles of clothes that no longer fit, endless toys or general disarray – we have you covered.

Keep reading for some fresh ideas that will have your kids’ bedrooms sorted in no time.

1. Do a wardrobe cull

Your first step should be removing any clothes that your kids have outgrown during home isolation – it’s crazy how fast small humans can transition! Hand them down to younger children, or pop in bags to donate or sell when it is safe to do so.

This step will also allow you to organise their wardrobe and take note of any gaps that will need to be filled for the upcoming seasons.

2. Use baskets for everything

Secondly, never underestimate the power of using baskets in your kids’ bedrooms. These can be used for toys, shoes, school items, sporting items, the list goes on and on.

We recommend taking a look around cluttered areas of your kids’ bedrooms and deciding if they could benefit from some basket storage. If you don’t have room for these, consider underbed storage that can be pulled or rolled out.

3. Create an art wall

Next up is art.

Do you kids enjoy creating and displaying their arts and crafts around the house? If you’re answering yes, we recommend creating an art wall within their bedroom where they can display the items they create and cherish. This can be as easy as hanging a pin board or piece of string from two corners of their bedrooms.

You never know, you may be displaying the work of a budding artist soon!

4. Use their imagination to create a space they love

Finally, we strongly recommend making any and all changes with your kids’ imagination in mind.

Do you have a studious type who imagines their bedroom to have a desk and shelves or books? Perhaps you have a budding artist who would love an art easel? Maybe a future sportsman or woman who wants their sporting trophies on display?

The point to be taken here is always ensure you pick their brain and imagination first. This way you’re sure to create a sorted space they love!

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