Kids have a wonderful talent of outgrowing clothes at rapid speed. So, it’s important to ensure their wardrobes are kept organised. 

Keep reading as we share our top methods for sorting kid’s clothes. 

  1. Cull clothes that no longer fit

As we mentioned above, kids grow quickly. It’s important to stay onto of their wardrobes by removing clothes that no longer fit them as soon as they outgrow them. 

This will free up space and allow you to store these item for future use or donate to charity. 

  1. Place outgrown clothes in storage

Following on from the previous point, it’s a great idea to create a storage system for your kids outgrown clothes, especially if they have younger siblings who will grow into these items. 

Two popular options are vacuum seal bags or air tight plastic containers. 

When storing clothes, it’s recommended that you wash everything first and sort clothes by gender and age. A good rule of thumb is storing clothes into the following three-month age brackets for babies; 0-3 months, 3-6 months; 6-12 months and so on and so forth. 

  1. Section the wardrobe 

When organising your older kids wardrobes we recommend creating an area dedicated to school and sporting uniforms. 

By keeping these items in the one place, you reduce panic of a school morning by ensuring your kids are able to locate everything they need. Doesn’t that sound nice? 

  1. Keep seasonal items together

Another method to save space includes sorting seasonal items into the one place. This can free up valuable wardrobe space during the summer months by storing bulky winter coats elsewhere. 

You can do this by family member or as a whole family, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a large hallway cupboard or spare wardrobe that can be dedicated to these items. 

  1. Remember to check what’s in storage

Once you’ve gone to the effort of creating a storage system for your kid’s clothes, it’s important to remember to regularly check what’s stored there. 

There’s no point washing, sorting and storing your older kid’s clothes if you forget all about them when your younger kids start growing. 

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