guest room

Do you have family coming to stay over Christmas? Or perhaps you’re hosting some close friends for the holiday season? Either way, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you sort your guest room and ensure a smooth holiday for all.

Get some fresh air

If your guest room been locked up over the winter months, it’s time to start freshening the air. We recommend opening up the doors and windows on warm days to allow the space to air thoroughly. You can also choose to burn a fresh scented candle in the lead up to your guests’ stay.

Ensure you have the basics

When it comes to guest rooms, it’s very easy to get carried away. Our advice is to hold back and ensure that your guests have the basic items they need for a comfortable and fun stay.

At a bare minimum this means a bed and somewhere to store a handful of clothes. Extra items can include bedside lighting, books or a television.

Make room in the drawers

We always recommend that guest rooms include a handful of extra coat hangers in the wardrobe as well as some extra space in the bedroom drawers – if your guest room is lucky enough to have a set.

It may not seem like much, but your guests will thank you for the convenience and you’ll love being able to leave them to look after themselves.

Use fresh linen and towels

You simply can’t go past fresh linen and towels. Ensure the bed is made in clean and fresh linen before your guests arrive and consider leaving a stack of towels in the guest room for your friends and family to use. As we mentioned above, the more your guests are able to look after themselves the more enjoyable their and your time will be.

Enjoy the holiday season

Finally, we want to encourage everyone to enjoy the holiday season without getting hung up on the small details of hosting guests.

Your friends and family won’t remember the effort you put into the guest room, but they will remember the memories they make with you!

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