linen cupboard

For this week’s blog we’re discussing the linen cupboard and how you can sort yours to perfection.

Declutter non-essential items

Your first step should be decluttering. We recommend getting rid of non-essential items by donating them to charity or cutting into strips for rags. This includes bed linen that you never use, old towels that have gone hard and blankets that are doing nothing but collect dust.

Organise your linen into sets

Our next tip includes organising your linen into sets. We recommend storing the sheets for each set inside the pillowcase. This way everything stays together and is easy to find within your linen cupboard – how great is that?

You can also use the same system for towels by grouping complete sets together.

Sort by shelves

When it comes to sorting within your linen cupboard, we advise that people sort their linen by shelves.

The top shelf is best used for items that you only need every once in a while, for example, extra blankets or spare doonas. If you have the space, we also suggest sorting your linen by family member on an entire shelf and you can do the same for towels.

Use labels – they will change your life

Once you’ve sorted the space, we love the idea of labels. They can be applied to each shelf or section of shelf to ensure that every family member understands what belongs where. You may be sceptical now – but you’ll thank us after you implement this step!

Keep order

Keeping order in the linen cupboard is easy with a few steps. Use sheets and towels from the bottom of the pile and place freshly washed ones onto the top. This ensures that wear and tear is spread evenly across all sets and fends of mould or mildew from forming.

Use baskets for bulky items

Finally, sort the bottom shelf or spare area of your linen cupboard with baskets. These can be used to neatly store spare toilet paper, pet food or even cleaning products.

It’s also a great place to keep bully items like vacuum cleaners, buckets or miscellaneous items that don’t fit anywhere else!

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