Like every year, the school holidays have come to an end leaving many parents feeling frantic.

Whether its filling book lists, finding healthy lunch box ideas, or ensuring your kids are getting enough sleep – the start of the school term can raise a whole host of issues.

Maintain a sleep routine

Our number one top for staying sorted this school year focuses on routine! We recommend putting a sleep routine in place for your kids that guarantees they go to sleep and get up at the same time each night. This ensures their body clock is ready to go for school and helps then maintain a sense of normalcy when going through big changes.

Plan meals and snacks your kids will love

Next up is nutrition. One of the easiest ways to ensure your kids are getting the fruit vegetables and protein their growing bodies require is to plan a handful of healthy meals and snacks in advance.

These can include wraps full of vegetables and a simple source of protein, fresh fruit, vegetable sticks and dip, or low sugar muesli bars. All of these also make fun lunchbox options!

Stock up on supplies

The school year is full of projects and do you know what this means? Stationary supplies! We love putting together a box – or homework station as discussed below – full of essential stationary items. This can include poster paper, pens, texters and glue. This way your kids (especially those in the younger grades) will have everything they need the next time a project arises.

Put together a homework station

Another great way to stay sorted is to put together a homework station for your kids. This will allow them a dedicated place to open their books and get to work!

A homework station can be as simple or elaborate as you choose, with the essentials being a desk, comfortable chair, computer, pens and paper! We also love getting kids into the habit of knowing that sitting in the homework station means work not play time – by ensuing free time is spent elsewhere like playing outside.

Finally, remember to think positive about the whole process! School doesn’t have to be an anxious experience and you can make the most of your kid’s experience with a little pre-planning.

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