Stop being afraid and book a one-hour consultation today!

A one-hour consultation is the first step you can take in getting your home sorted.

For a fully redeemable fee, our team will spend an hour assessing your space and understanding your goals. 

But how can you be sure that a one-hour consultation is right for you? We understand there may be some trepidation involved, which is why we’re going to help you figure out if a consultation is right for you! 

Let’s get started…

You’re looking for advice and information

Are you someone who wants to get sorted but requires more information about the process, what to do or even what not to do? Or perhaps you’ve started sorting your home and have hit a wall that only some expert advice can help you break through. 

A one-hour consultation is perfect for both scenarios as it allows you to move forward on home sorting projects on your own (hello, expert advice!), or it can help you decide what service packages are right for your goals. 

You need help defining your goals 

On the topic of goals, a one-hour consultation can help you understand your space and what you wish to achieve. We understand that not everyone can look around their home and cite a list of goals – but that’s where we can help. We can understand your needs, family, lifestyle and make suggestions on what you can improve. 

You’re unsure where to begin 

A big reason many clients come to us for a one-hour consultation is that they simply don’t know where to begin! Does that sound familiar? This is nothing to be embarrassed about and in fact, we love it when clients immediately come to us as it allows us to send you in the right direction from the very beginning of your home sorting journey. 

You would like to know more about our work and process 

Lastly and often most importantly, is the chance to learn more about our work and process. A one-hour consultation provides you with a chance to ask as many questions as you have, get to know our work, what we do best, and how we can help you and your unique home sorting needs. 

We will also walk you through our tailored service packages and how they can be applied to help you live better. Our one-hour consultation fee is also fully redeemable on any of these packages, making the whole decision that much easier! 

What’s next? 

If you’re ready to sort your home, it’s time to book in for a one-hour consultation. We may be biased, but it’s going to be the best decision you make today. 

Simply, click here and start getting excited! 

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