Love to Sort?

Turn Your Hobby Into a Rewarding Career

A lifestyle business, providing a service you love...home organisation!

As a Home Sorted! Licensed Business owner you will….


Work Locally

Set Your Own Roster

Take Control

Drive Your Own Career

Help Others

Service Your Own Clients

If you love sorting your home, and helping others…

then becoming a licensed Home Sorted! Professional Organiser could be the perfect fit! 

We’re looking for individuals that share our values, passion for organisation and genuine care for clients. 

A Low Investment Business...
with a High Return Opportunity!

What’s On Offer?

A Great Business Opportunity

Starting your own business can be daunting!

You’ll need to register the business, create a business plan, build a website, find a business name, create marketing tools and have industry knowledge…just to name a few. The great news is that we provide all of this and more! All you need to do is apply your passion and strong work ethic to ensure your success.

Our licensees are an extension of our family, our brand and our excellent service.  As a licensee you will run your own home organising business with our strong brand and the flexibility to run it your way!

On offer is an opportunity to make a difference in your live and other peoples lives, by helping them to live better, by offering them the following services;


Is a Career as a Licensed Professional Organiser right for you?

LEARN more about what is on offer! 

Create Your Own...



Local Work


Home Business

Invest in a business, doing a job you LOVE…with a low investment, and high return opportunity.

Why Become a Licensee?


You will be running your own local business as a Professional Organiser, and your potential clients are anyone that owns a home! 

Our success to date, has been to assist busy people on how to live better in a well organised home.

Your success will be driven by you and backed by us!

Lots to Do When Starting a Business ...We've Got ALL Your Basics Covered

Business Planning

Industry Research

Business Services

Business Branding

Ideal Client

Nina Francesca

Founder of Home Sorted!

Take Control of Your Career

Step One

Enquire & Receive More Information

Step Two

Complete an Application Form

Step Three

Attend a Discovery Discussion

Step Four

Approval & Business Launch

License Information Session

Online & Interactive 

There is lots to learn when considering becoming a Licensee. 

Unfortunately in the media Franchising/Licensing often does not receive a positive review. A negative story about a big brand name sells newspapers! However, not all franchising relationships are awesome…in the same way that employees can have an average relationship with their boss. Sometimes things go wrong.

Question is who’s to blame? Answer: Neither!

We understand business relationships well, we also know the importance of finding the right people to parter with. For us it’s not about the quantity of Licensees we have, but finding like minded entrepreneurs, that are ready to make a commitment to their own business. We will support, and guide you 100%, but the partnership is a joint one. The many negative stories you may hear about, are mostly simply a reflection of a business model that hasn’t been adhered too!

We apply a recruitment process, get to know each other, apply on the job learning, due diligence and much more…then we decide together if becoming a Licensee is the right fit for both of us.

Come along to our Information Session, meet us and you’ll realise pretty quickly that we are transparent, and have a successful opportunity available.


Join us to understand more about becoming a Home Sorted! Licensee.



Have Questions?

You will need to be an active listener, excellent communicator and have a passion for sorting. 

You will need to have an ambitious drive, and be super keen with a great attitude in order to become a Home Sorted! business owner.

A licensing agreement, is when a licensor (us) provides the licensee (you) permission to use our IP (intellectual property) this includes our brand name,  services, products and know-how. In exchange for an upfront initial fee and an ongoing low monthly fee for the rights to continue to use our IP.

The business model that we have built allows you the flexibility to grow your own local business, using our well established brand and reputation.

We will be on hand to guide you on all that is required to run a business, and what it takes to be a success in your own business. 

The rest is up to you…you’ll be an independent licensee with the freedom to run your business as you see fit.

Investing in a Home Sorted! business license is a mutual decision, one party relies on the other for joint success.

In order to become a licensee, we apply a recruitment process. This will ensure that you can understand what our business has on offer, and we can assess whether or not this is the right business for you.

The complete process will take approximately between 2-4 weeks.

Home Sorted!

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