dirty shoes

Hands up if you have a hard enough time keeping yourself organised, let alone the rest of your family?

It can be a daunting task taking on the role of family organiser, especially during the winter months. We’re thinking about messy football boots, spilt drinks, seasonal clothing sprawled across beds – you get the picture.

Keeping kids organised in winter can be simple if you follow a few quick and easy steps.

1. Don’t let dirt pile up

We know you’re not intentionally letting your kids troop through the house in dirty, muddy clothes. But it you have a budding athlete in the mix or a child who loves the great outdoors it probably happens. The key here is not letting the dirt build up.

Implement a policy of no dirty shoes or clothes in the house. Get your kids to remove shoes before coming inside and taking them to a designated area like the laundry, or somewhere you can keep a shoe rack. For dreaded footy boots or other dirt ridden goods the trick is to remove the dirt ASAP. The longer you leave it, the more it will set and become harder to remove.

2. Do a bag check every week

School bags can be full of all sorts of nasty things and no one fancies uncovering an old sandwich two months down the track.

Start each Monday (or Sunday evening if your ambitious) with a bag check. Look for any items that should be removed including old papers and give the inside a quick wipe with a cloth or disinfectant wipe.

You could even consider adding this task to your family chore chart and making the kids responsible for their own backpacks. A quick look inside is probably wide to ensure they’re not missing any potential mould or bacteria!

3. Know where seasonal clothes are kept

We love sorting our wardrobes and storing away our seasonal clothes until we need them a few months later – do you too? The issue here is that sometimes people can get too ambitious with the storing and forget that there is a chance one item or another will be needed sooner than the change of season.

Keep a list or write on the outside of each box whose clothes are inside. You can even pop a small breakdown on the side of the box such as: jackets, jumpers, scarves. This way you’ll know where to find what you’re looking for!