Should your child’s bedroom resemble this – don’t panic!

Approach the area with caution – one drawer at a time and one cupboard at a time….slow and steady wins the race

Step 1: Remove all belongings from the drawers and have a large box on hand.

Step 2: Sort through your child’s belongings with them nearby and decide¬†together if any items can be removed.

Assess whether or not their clothes still fir them well or if they want to donate some toys to their local charity.

By involving your children, they will feel responsible and understand the process of sharing much better.

Step 3: As mentioned tackle one cupboard or drawer at a time and create small similar piles along the way.

Step 4: Return belongings back to their areas in a neat and practical format.

You may want to encourage your children to also create small decorative labels, this will help them to keep their room in order.

Step 5: Place any unneeded items into your box and donate them accordingly.

Result: A neat and organised kids bedroom!


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